Unicode Keyboards For Linguists and Philologists:

Multilingual Latin—Polytonic Greek—Phonetics

This is a package of three keyboard layouts for inputting multilingual text under Windows, designed to be used with the keyboard utility Tavultesoft Keyman. It can be used as a convenient way of inputting a large range of characters in programs such as Microsoft Word and others. All three keyboard layouts follow the basic layout of a German keyboard and are designed mainly for German users.

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Read Me First: German Documentation

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Download Full Package (with Keyman Runtime, documentation, and source files)
Latin-Extended Keyboard (for German keyboard driver)Source
Polytonic Greek Keyboard (for German keyboard driver)Source
Phonetic Keyboard (for German keyboard driver)Source
Latin-Extended Keyboard (for US keyboard driver)Source
Polytonic Greek Keyboard (for US keyboard driver)Source
Phonetic Keyboard (for US keyboard driver)Source

Link: Go to Tavultesoft Keyman website You need Keyman Runtime 5.0 or above to use these keyboards. You can download it for free from here.

Link: Go to EmEditor website. A highly recommendable shareware text editor. This is one of the programs you can already use Keyman and these keyboards with, even under Windows 95/98/ME.

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